Our Mission

We believe that every person on this beautiful planet deserves to live their dreams. A minority of people manage to do this, while most people live day by day.

Our mission is to give hope to individuals and families who, due to life circumstances, have exchanged their dreams for worries about the future and to show them that they are not alone in this world.

Food basket

Basket of Food

Every year during Christmas and New Year holidays, we donate a basket of food to families who find themselves in financial difficulties. This allows them to once again dream of living the life they want without worrying about what they will eat in January.

Our goal is to donate at least 100 food baskets every year.

Sanitary Products for Women

We believe that all people on Earth deserve to live a decent life. By donating sanitary products for women, we help women in Africa to improve their health standard and quality of their life.

Our goal is to donate at least 1,500 sanitary products for women every year.


Educating women
Educating women
Educating women

How we do it

We finance our donations primarily through our own funds. A percentage of every sales made through our businesses is dedicated to financing food baskets and purchasing packages of sanitary products for women in Africa. This allows us to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need, both locally and internationally.

Panty liners
Make-up remover pads

Become a part of our story

If you also want to make a better life for people who have lost their hope, we invite you to make a donation by clicking the button below.